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Always On Call: The Life of an Entrepreneur

Posted November 23, 2015

When you think about being “on call,” what comes to mind? A doctor prepared to drop everything for a patient? A policeman heading out for an unplanned patrol? Both examples certainly make sense, but what about applying the concept to the business world?

A truly effective entrepreneur is one who is willing do to what it takes — whatever the time — to move a business forward. In line at Starbucks and overhear a person talking about troubles with a vendor? Introduce yourself and discuss ways your company might help. Last-minute project come in on a Friday? Stick around an extra hour to hammer it out. Your client will thank you, and the good deed could lead to future opportunities.

We admit that a healthy work/life balance is important. Don’t let such tasks take you from your family’s Thanksgiving dinner, your son’s first tee-ball game or other important occasions. Do, however, make yourself available when possible. It might seem tedious, but if that quick after-hours phone call results in new business — and added income— it’s worth it in the long-run.