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Athenian’s take on the social club

Posted October 19, 2015

In a world where so much of daily life is driven online, it is important to seek out ways to stay connected. We stress to our clients that if the Internet is where your colleagues, business partners and potential customers gather, they must have a presence. Today’s economy stresses efficiency and cost cutting, and a multiplatform online presence is a great way to interact with clients at minimum cost. This is one of the reasons we suggest social media to our clients.

The growth of such platforms — and their expansion into the business sector — allows for incredible opportunities to foster strong partnerships. At minimal cost, your company can reach millions of current and potential clients with the click of a button. Just a few hours each week could help you grow your business without ever having to leave the office. As the online world continues to expand, your company’s presence should follow suit. After all, the more brand awareness you can create, the better the results for your business. At Athenian, we don’t just offer this advice to others. We practice what we preach.

You can find us on both LinkedIn and Twitter, where we offer our insights into the market, share others’ thoughts and foster a more open, educated business community. Stop by and look around. If you like what you see, we hope you’ll connect. We would love to start the conversation.