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How To Deliver Change Remotely

Posted June 16, 2020

Change is difficult to successfully deliver in the workplace. Employees are hard-wired to avoid change and cling to status quo. However, workplaces must evolve over time to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. Whether it is adapting to a new operating system or implementing a new way of tracking client interaction, there will always be those who don’t support or embrace change in your organization. In the last century, change initiatives were always driven onsite, through support teams and guided framework. But how do we deliver change in a world where video conferencing and remote work are the new norm? Over Communicate: With minimal onsite presence, the ability to walk the floor or have quick hallway conversations on change initiatives have vanished. By communicating early, Read More

Fundamentals: The Building Blocks of Sustainability

Posted May 26, 2020

As businesses emerge from one of the most unprecedented times in modern history, leaders are now tasked with re-defining organizational and operational norms. While this may be a daunting undertaking for some, it also provides an opportunity to assess and potentially re-align critical fundamental elements that drive organizational success. To achieve sustainable success, an organization must foster alignment of several key fundamental elements. Each one of these key elements should create synergy with one another and reinforce the overall goals of the organization: Shared values: A baseline key element of organizational effectiveness. Shared values serve as guidelines and a set of ideas that define what is important to an organization. In short, shared values are the “why” behind what a company does. Now is a key Read More

Leading Through Adversity

Posted April 28, 2020

Historically, great leaders have been perceived as powerful and unflappable in the face of uncertainty, and charismatic, larger than life figures have emerged as the dominant forces behind the growth of America’s most successful organizations. Traditionally, in uncertain times, we’ve looked upon our leaders to occupy a post, communicate clear and compelling messages, and re-assure us that things will be OK. This imagery of leadership, albeit in short glimpses, is what organizations rallied behind in difficult times. As the age of social media and digitization have ushered in an era of constant connectivity and the need for consistent communication, our leaders have had to become increasingly accessible. While the most effective leaders still show an unwavering spirit and the ability to lead their teams through Read More

Industry Insights: Conversations with Industry Leaders 4-21-20

Posted April 21, 2020

Survive and Advance: Three Strategies to Move Your Business Past March Madness

Posted April 7, 2020

  Typically, March is a month filled with Cinderella Story college basketball teams and unbelievable moments on the hardwood.  This year’s March was much different. No last-minute buzzer beaters, no David vs Goliath upsets, and no much anticipated distraction from our day to day lives. However, we all experienced our own March Madness this past month through the spread and fallout from COVID-19. As we head into April, here are three key strategies from our experts to help your business survive and advance: Hold Serve Focus additional attention on your current clients, by providing value add support to them, which shows your commitment and abilities. Grow in adversity and through diversity We are all working remotely, so embrace it. Grow both your internal and external capabilities Read More

The Difference Between Resolutions and Resolve

Posted February 1, 2016

Tracy Letzerich Director, Human Performance Practice at Athenian Consulting Group   Millions of Americans made New Year’s Resolutions last month. Most of them will fail. In fact, 25% of people have already bailed on their resolutions after just one week. Are you one of them? All of those good intentions to make improvements in your health, family, or career…do they actually work? Research shows that less than 8% of us are successful by the end of the year. Don’t be discouraged by this dismal statistic. Many well-intentioned people simply don’t have the tools or knowledge to make their resolutions stick and accomplish their goals. Do you want to make this year different by turning your resolutions into habits and lasting change? You can. The key Read More

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Is Small Business Saturday Right for You?

Posted November 27, 2015

It’s a trend that started in 2010 — a way for locally-owned businesses to take part in the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. Small Business Saturday celebrates the companies which might not be large corporations with numerous sites, but which still have a tremendous impact on the communities they call home. While most people associate the “holiday” with retail endeavors — restaurants, boutiques and the like — there’s no reason that other industries can’t join in. Here are a few ways you might consider getting involved on the small-business front: Welcome current and potential clients with an open house environment. This is a great way to invite prospects in to learn all you have to offer, without them feeling like they’re being set up for a sales Read More

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Always On Call: The Life of an Entrepreneur

Posted November 23, 2015

When you think about being “on call,” what comes to mind? A doctor prepared to drop everything for a patient? A policeman heading out for an unplanned patrol? Both examples certainly make sense, but what about applying the concept to the business world? A truly effective entrepreneur is one who is willing do to what it takes — whatever the time — to move a business forward. In line at Starbucks and overhear a person talking about troubles with a vendor? Introduce yourself and discuss ways your company might help. Last-minute project come in on a Friday? Stick around an extra hour to hammer it out. Your client will thank you, and the good deed could lead to future opportunities. We admit that a healthy Read More

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Athenian’s take on the social club

Posted October 19, 2015

In a world where so much of daily life is driven online, it is important to seek out ways to stay connected. We stress to our clients that if the Internet is where your colleagues, business partners and potential customers gather, they must have a presence. Today’s economy stresses efficiency and cost cutting, and a multiplatform online presence is a great way to interact with clients at minimum cost. This is one of the reasons we suggest social media to our clients. The growth of such platforms — and their expansion into the business sector — allows for incredible opportunities to foster strong partnerships. At minimal cost, your company can reach millions of current and potential clients with the click of a button. Just a Read More

Beyond a Cup of Sugar: Being a Good Neighbor in the Business World

Beyond a Cup of Sugar: Being a Good Neighbor in the Business World

Posted September 18, 2015

We all know the benefits a good neighbor can bring. They lend a helpful hand, keep you informed about the latest news and make you feel good about the place you call home. Have you ever stopped to think about how that translates to business? Everybody wins when you approach leadership with a neighborly point of view. Here are a few simple ways to start heading down that path: Lay Out the Welcome Mat. Host an open house or party, and invite nearby companies and community members. Learn more about them to better understand their needs and possible strategic partnerships that could form in the future. Offer guests a tour of the office and fill them in on what you do. It’s an effective way Read More