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Fundamentals: The Building Blocks of Sustainability

Posted May 26, 2020

As businesses emerge from one of the most unprecedented times in modern history, leaders are now tasked with re-defining organizational and operational norms. While this may be a daunting undertaking for some, it also provides an opportunity to assess and potentially re-align critical fundamental elements that drive organizational success.

To achieve sustainable success, an organization must foster alignment of several key fundamental elements. Each one of these key elements should create synergy with one another and reinforce the overall goals of the organization:

Shared values: A baseline key element of organizational effectiveness. Shared values serve as guidelines and a set of ideas that define what is important to an organization. In short, shared values are the “why” behind what a company does. Now is a key time to evaluate the shared values of your organization.

  • Is there a consensus on the vision and mission of your company and why it exists?
  • How do others describe your company or perceive the quality of your products and services?

Strategy: Another key element of organizational effectiveness. The essence of competition is based upon strategy and how a company responds to competitive forces to create comparative advantages.

Systems: The formal processes and procedures used to run the day to day operations of an organization. These include, the key performance indicators, budgets, information systems, and other managerial control systems. Refocusing on efficient and effective systems during this time is paramount.

Structure: Describes the way strategy, people, processes, and technology are aligned within an organization. Understanding the capabilities of your people, processes, and technology to best position them to execute your strategy is critical to organizational effectiveness.

The Athenian Advisers deeply understand the key elements that drive organizational effectiveness and are available to help you create alignment among these and other critical elements. For more information on how to create organizational effectiveness and sustainable results, please contact us today!