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How To Deliver Change Remotely

Posted June 16, 2020

Change is difficult to successfully deliver in the workplace. Employees are hard-wired to avoid change and cling to status quo. However, workplaces must evolve over time to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. Whether it is adapting to a new operating system or implementing a new way of tracking client interaction, there will always be those who don’t support or embrace change in your organization. In the last century, change initiatives were always driven onsite, through support teams and guided framework. But how do we deliver change in a world where video conferencing and remote work are the new norm?

  • Over Communicate: With minimal onsite presence, the ability to walk the floor or have quick hallway conversations on change initiatives have vanished. By communicating early, transparently, and often, you can keep members engaged and supported.
  • Facilitate Feedback: So much of change is understanding the pain points of your team and helping them through. You can’t know what support they need if your communication channels only flow one way. Set up a forum for your people to give candid feedback.
  • Set Key Milestones: Setting expectations and tracking progress is especially key when your team is scattered. Ensure you have key indicators and set benchmarking to track progress and convey the expectations of each phase.
  • Build Incentive: If teams are being forced to change, they are much less likely to adopt and support. Find ways to strategically communicate benefits and incentives of the change through key members of your team.

By all accounts, change is hard. In this new normal, understanding how to lead change remotely is imperative to the success of your initiatives. At Athenian Group, we have experience delivering all manners of change via a remote solution. It takes commitment and practice, but a well-structured remote change delivery can be both successful and cost effective. Reach out to our advisors today to see how we can help guide your team move from awareness to action!