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Is Small Business Saturday Right for You?

Posted November 27, 2015

It’s a trend that started in 2010 — a way for locally-owned businesses to take part in the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. Small Business Saturday celebrates the companies which might not be large corporations with numerous sites, but which still have a tremendous impact on the communities they call home. While most people associate the “holiday” with retail endeavors — restaurants, boutiques and the like — there’s no reason that other industries can’t join in. Here are a few ways you might consider getting involved on the small-business front:

Welcome current and potential clients with an open house environment.
This is a great way to invite prospects in to learn all you have to offer, without them feeling like they’re being set up for a sales presentation. Set out some light snacks, have company brochures on hand and be ready to fill interested parties in on everything you can offer them.

Get the word out.
There’s no point in staying open extra hours — or opening on a day you might normally be closed — if no one knows about it. Email current and potential clients, place signage around your building and consider taking out a small ad. Word of mouth works wonders, too.

Consider booking appointments.
Not every business lends itself to an open-door policy. If you still want to get involved in Small Business Saturday, consider scheduling out a few client meetings that day. You can make it something special — offer donuts, bring coffee, that sort of thing — so the experience is something more than a typical meet-up.

Small Business Saturday isn’t a perfect fit for everyone, but for the right business, it has potential. Weigh your options, talk to your team and consider thinking small.