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Leading Through Adversity

Posted April 28, 2020

Historically, great leaders have been perceived as powerful and unflappable in the face of uncertainty, and charismatic, larger than life figures have emerged as the dominant forces behind the growth of America’s most successful organizations. Traditionally, in uncertain times, we’ve looked upon our leaders to occupy a post, communicate clear and compelling messages, and re-assure us that things will be OK. This imagery of leadership, albeit in short glimpses, is what organizations rallied behind in difficult times.

As the age of social media and digitization have ushered in an era of constant connectivity and the need for consistent communication, our leaders have had to become increasingly accessible. While the most effective leaders still show an unwavering spirit and the ability to lead their teams through adversity, we have also seen a pivot to a more consensus driven leadership style, with greater regard for building communal cultures. This pivot has created new imagery around our leaders, and the highly effective leaders are the ones who balance their unflappable personas with the need to create more transparency and vulnerability in their leadership styles.

This is without question one of the most uncertain times in recent history. Turmoil in markets, economies, and most importantly, lives, has created an unprecedented need for great leadership.

Leading through crisis is no easy task and striking a balance between the need to drive bottom line results, while showing empathy and support to your team, can be difficult. However, if you can accomplish that balance, and see your team to the other side, you will build the loyalty and commitment that lays the foundation for a high performing organization to emerge from the crisis. The team at Athenian would like to share the following key attributes of leaders who successfully drive bottom line results and high performing cultures through adverse situations:

  • Be Visible
    • Have a strong presence with your team and understand their needs
  • Be Audible
    • Communicate clear and compelling messages
  • Be Credible
    • Strive to be authentic and transparent in your messaging

Leadership is the key to overcoming adversity, and we at Athenian have seen and helped clients through tough times. Coupling great leadership, with wise council is always a recipe for success. Whether through executive coaching, project leadership, or strategic advisory services, our advisers are looking forward to helping you and your business thrive!