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Survive and Advance: Three Strategies to Move Your Business Past March Madness

Posted April 7, 2020


Typically, March is a month filled with Cinderella Story college basketball teams and unbelievable moments on the hardwood.  This year’s March was much different. No last-minute buzzer beaters, no David vs Goliath upsets, and no much anticipated distraction from our day to day lives.

However, we all experienced our own March Madness this past month through the spread and fallout from COVID-19. As we head into April, here are three key strategies from our experts to help your business survive and advance:

  • Hold Serve
    • Focus additional attention on your current clients, by providing value add support to them, which shows your commitment and abilities.
  • Grow in adversity and through diversity
    • We are all working remotely, so embrace it. Grow both your internal and external capabilities during this time.
    • You should think about how you can better foster a productive  team remotely; What goods or services you can deliver remotely that you didn’t think was possible before; and how you develop more innovative ways to deliver value.
  • Be Opportunistic 
    • The world is changing constantly during this time, and ultimately, a new normal will emerge. You need to think creatively and find ways your business can help fill a need!

We at Athenian are here to help you through these times and emerge from March Madness with stronger, more innovative and sustainable business models. If you want more information on how to achieve these three strategies and more, please reach out to an adviser today!